200px-Simply orange company logo

The Simply Orange Juice Company is an Apopka, Florida-based company that was founded in 2001 and is currently a brand of The Coca-Cola Company. They make a number of not-from-concentrate orange and other fruit juices that are sold chilled in a distinctly shaped plastic bottle. The company is a major purchaser of Florida oranges for its orange juice, and also imports orange juice from Brazil.


  • Simply Orange Pulp Free
  • Simply Orange Pulp Free with Calcium + Vitamin D
  • 750px-SimplyLemonade-ChrisMetcalf
    Simply Orange High Pulp
  • Simply Orange Medium Pulp with Calcium + Vitamin D
  • Simply Orange with Mango
  • Simply Orange with Pineapple
  • Simply Lemonade
  • Simply Lemonade with Raspberry
  • Simply Lemonade with Mango
  • Simply Limeade
  • Simply Grapefruit
  • Simply Apple
  • Simply Cranberry Cocktail

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