Frank Mason Robinson

Born 1845
Died 1923
Nationality United States
Spouse Laura Clapp
Frank Mason Robinson (1845 in Corinth, Maine – 1923 in Atlanta, Georgia) was an important early marketer of what became known as Coca-Cola. As a young man he was in Iowa where he married Laura Clapp. In 1886 Frank Mason Robinson settled in Atlanta, where he was secretary and bookkeeper for the Pemberton Chemical Company.


Dr. John Pemberton was experimenting with a medicinal formula which included coca leaves and kola nuts as sources of its ingredients. Frank Mason Robinson gave the formula the name Coca-Cola, writing the name in Spencerian script which was popular with bookkeepers of the era. His script of Coca-Cola remains one of the most recognized trademarks in the world. Coca-Cola was granted a charter in 1892 with Frank Mason Robinson as secretary and treasurer. He was responsible for the early advertising of Coca-Cola, the first ads appearing in newspapers in 1887. He retired in 1914, but remained one of the company's directors.